Photographic Printing With Guest John Fitzgerald.

As well as being a successful portrait photographer John is best known as a master printer. With numerous industry awards for his printing skills John runs a busy Pro Lab, servicing the requirements of professional photographic printing and processing.

With a 35-year career, John will join Karl for this Live Show, providing a wealth of tips for getting the best from reproducing your printed images.

We’ll be discussing displaying your work, calibration, printing and formats whether for fine art sales or for personal use.

Have you wanted to know more about producing your own high quality prints? We will be discussing some of the following topics:

• Color calibration
• Paper choices
• RIPs and color conversions
• Black & White
• The right equipment
• Display and mounting options
• Longevity of materials
• How big can we go?
• Costs on printing

As well as the above John will be showing a number of examples of different materials, surface finishes and explaining the pros and cons of each.

Join Karl and John for this informative episode on printing your work.


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