04. Perfume Advertising Shoot

In advertising, perfume is often portrayed in ways that evoke a sense of elegance, class and style. In this chapter we show you the exact process of how to light a bottle of Chanel No.5 with extreme precision and fine control to capture that luxury feel along with a few other variants to the shot to provoke your creativity.


  1. I was waiting for this one.
    Again not disappointed !
    Great level of explanation, with clear words and easy to understand even for non native english person.
    Regards from France

  2. Stunning results (and patience on your part)!

    How on earth did the sign shop precision cut all the mating irregular bottle tiles in Plexiglass to match up perfectly… CNC maybe? Price of the background probably made the cost of the perfume look like a bargain!

  3. hi Karl,

    I want just to ask about the neutral density Gel, how many stops dose it reduce and I want the exact name of the gel.


  4. Hi Karl

    Great shoot, really enjoyed that. Love the control you get with the Pico lights and projecting attachment. As I mentioned on your Twitter feed, I liked the random brick result best. Was also great to see the variety of shots you got from one set up.


  5. Great images Karl!. One non technical question, I see you invested building that acrylic set and took a quite amount of time until to got the shots and post-work.
    From a comercial stand, how much would you charge Chanel for that 1 image? just to give me an Idea
    Thanks again

    1. Two days preparation fee, plus two days work (day rate), half day post work. Plus possible usage fees. Please see business section and apply my rates to that information.

      1. Thank you Karl, yes, I appreciate your details in the business section, just wanted to get a feel for this specific job since I noticed there was allot of pre-work
        Thanks again Sir


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