01. Painting with light

Using a high powered torch, just like an artist you can actually use light to paint your scene! Karl takes you step by step through this fascinating process of turning night into day with simply stunning results. With star trails and light painting this technique takes a lot of setup, time and effort to create however I think we can agree that it’s well worth it looking at the results!


    1. Hi Rich, i’m not sure if I mentioned it either without watching the whole video, but I can tell you that given it is low light that I would probably only stop the aperture down to enough to get the depth of field i need or based on the amount of time I need to run around and paint the shot with light. F8 would be a good starting point as it is middle of the road for your first tests. Then check your DOF on the preview test shot and then see what shutter speed time that gives to run around painting. Depending on how much you have to paint then you may need more or less time. There are a number of variables including how much light there is from the moon, twilight etc that will all influence the result. I always take a few tests first to determine this.

  1. Hi Karl,
    As usually, very interesting and useful tutorial!
    Can you please share what brand / model / features (lumen/candle/light color) of power torches you have been using?
    Many thanks in advance!

  2. Hello Mr. Taylor,

    I just wanted to put a comment here that the pic is great and I wanted to present my work with light painting cause I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now but I cannot attach a file.
    I would appreciate it a lot if you could take a look at some of my pictures and comment and I believe they will be interesting for the other students as well.

    1. Hi Marin, you can post a link to a picture in the comments section but you can only post actual pictures in the forum.

        1. It’s good but I find the yellow a bit garish, I prefer the steam roller above it in terms of the feel and the way the light is grazing the subject. These shots remind me of a photographer that I used to know called Steve Sharp he did a lot of amazing light painting work, check him out if you get the chance.

          1. Thank You very much, Clemens! Some day it will become my dream job full time : )


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