07. Optics & Lenses

Have you ever stopped to think about how your camera’s lens affects your photography? In this chapter Karl shows you during a practical example how different lenses change the angle of view and how the resulting change in perspective can absolutely transform your resulting images.


    1. Hi Ross, lots in fact it is a great all round lens. It can be used for portraits, even landscapes and with a simple extension tube it makes a good macro alternative.

  1. Hi Karl,

    I have a question! hopefully you can help me out. I have a crop sensor camera Nikon d7100 which normally uses dx crop lenses but can also use fx full frame lenses.
    i want to buy a new lens which is full frame because in the future I want to get a full frame camera body also.

    will a picture be sharper, less sharp or is there no difference in using a full frame lens on a crop sensor body? Perhaps any other advantage or disadvantages?

    I have tried finding the answer all over the internet but I have not managed to find a satisfying answer. A lot of people have an argument for either side of the debate.

    1. Hi Jacques, there will be no difference in image quality at all, in fact you may find the full frame lenses sharper. The only difference is the size of the image circle which will be bigger to accommodate a full frame sensor.

  2. Thank you Karl! That was kind of my thought too. It’s most likely a better quality glass that comes with the lens and there is this other argument people have mentioned.
    By using a full frame lens on the crop body you will be effectively shooting through the center sweetspot of the lens which reduces vigneting and gives you a sharper image.

  3. Hey Karl, im currently using the Nikon D3200 and switching off between 35mm lens and a 70-200 zoom lens. I have been debating picking up a new camera or maybe saving up some money and buying into some nicer lenses. I feel like i have kind of hit a wall with using my D3200 but i keep hearing from every forum i read or person i talk to that its better to stick with my body and get some nicer lenses. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Karl,

    I´m currently using an Sony a7 II with a Sony Macro 90mm (for portraits and macros) and a Rokinon 14mm wide angle for landscape, any recommendation for a new lens, so I can shoot a different style in my photography?

    Thanks you

    1. Hi Gustavo, well you have super-wide angle and portrait focal lengths covered. Really you’d be looking at 28-40mm wide-angle as a less distorted wide-angle option and maybe a telephoto in the 200+ range for the long shots or compression of the perspective.

  5. I love it how you can keep the language simple, introduce new terms and concepts clearly! Really enjoying the series


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