Members Picture Critique with Karl Taylor

In this Live talk show will crop, critique and even retouch some members images to show how to improve them. This informative show will give our members and opportunity to submit their work and learn from a top professional on where improvements can be made. The critique will not only focus on the positives but also how to improve any negatives, providing a great opportunity to for everyone to recognize effective images.

The subject for this members only critique is Advertising, Product & Still Life.


  1. Hi Karl
    very interesting your critique review !!
    thank you :-))

    Is it possible to know if in past you have critiqued also the image that I sent you?
    I mean there is name research method to fast find your critique on my image?
    And more, there is a way to see the image I sent you? because I forgot which picture I sent you 🙁


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