Making a canvas backdrop

In this quick tutorial, see how easy it is to create your very own backdrop for a studio photography fashion shoot.


    1. Hi Donovan. The canvas we used is an unprimed artist cotton canvas and also known as Duck Cloth or Calico and has a natural off white color. The cotton canvas has a slightly rough texture and weighs approximately 150gsm but can be purchased in other weights. The heavier the weight the thicker the canvas. You can purchase from either good art stores, theatre and stage supply stores or fabric store. If you need wider widths theatre supply stores normally sell in extra wide widths.

      The same canvas is used in numerous applications such as stage backdrops, artist canvas, ground cloths, murals, bags, and tarps.

      We then prime the canvas with PVA glue mixed with water to seal it before painting.

    1. Hi Chris, water based emulsion paints are best to use. You can purchase specialist theatrical paints but these are hard to get hold of and normally more expensive. I would recommend that you first apply a sealing primer to the canvas using PVA glue mixed with water this will stop the paint sinking into the canvas and losing the vibrancy of the colours used.

  1. I see Tim doing all the work and the other two ‘boys’ playing a scene from Harry Potter around him! Awesome.

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