Live Workshop – Legs Eleven

Legs can be a difficult subject to photograph, but they can also be a very rewarding subject. In this live show Karl shows you his techniques for shooting a number of elegant yet sexy shots of female legs.

He covers a variety of lighting setups, demonstrating how to create both contoured lighting and more mysterious, sexy spot lighting. You’ll also learn how to create pure white or gradient lighting for your background and see how this one adjustment can have a big difference. Sticking to just basic modifiers, Karl’s setups are affordable options that can easily be replicated yourself and, in addition to seeing the results of a variety of modifiers, you’ll also learn more about lighting different textures such as skin, tights or stockings and which setup is best for what.

This is a highly informative show in which the techniques and concepts taught can easily be applied to other genres of photography.

Topics covered in this live show include:

  • How to photograph legs
  • Lighting setups for photographing legs
  • How to create white / gradient background lighting
  • Photographing textures such as skin, tights or stockings
  • Effects of different modifiers

If you have any questions about this live show, please post in the comment section below.


  1. For what it’s worth, I would have liked to have seen what happened with the Para 133. I have one but that isn’t the only reason. Before I bought it, I searched for videos of it and other modifiers in use to help inform my purchase decision. I also have a beauty dish that I no longer use because I have the Para. If I had known at the time that the Para can do what the beauty dish does but do it better, I could have saved some money.

  2. Great video. Learned a lot. Watched with my wife. Every time we view your fashion / product videos she wants to know what boots is she wearing ? What shirt ? What purse is that lol !
    Very enjoyable entertainment.

  3. A very interesting and informative session Karl. Glad you showed the problems that can occur and also the different modifier effects.

  4. If you wanted to light the legs specifically in this way without the legs as the focal point of the image. For example a scene that includes the entire subject and potential other elements. Would you still place the “leg light” at camera position angled directly at the legs? Then add your additional lights beauty dishes, paras, snoots, soft boxes, etc to light the other elements in the frame. Or would you put the “leg light” on the same plane as the camera, off to the side parallel to the legs?

    1. Hi Phillip, it sounds like you are overthinking this a little? If the legs weren’t the focal point of the shot and it was something else like the upperbody or jacket or something then I would be dealing with the lighting primarily for that and taking the eye to that position. If I also specifically needed the legs to look similar to this and the upper body to look good then I’d probably be considering a bigger modifier that could give a similar effect such as the Para 222. Take a look at my work here on People / body / fashion and you will see that in each image the lighting is dictated based on the primary requirement of image and where I want the eye to look, or the overall mood that I’m trying to convey if that makes sense. If you have any questions please come back to me here. Cheers Karl.

  5. very good show simply lighting , with two lights love it .good one to set up at home
    your girls you asked and very nice legs well done to you all
    thanks again Frank

  6. Hey Karl and team, you can buy a really nice ring flash from Paul C. Buff. It only costs like $300 or $400 bucks. I have one and it is really reliable and decently built.
    Oh, and you can get them in Europe and the U.K. now.

  7. The photo used to advertise the Legs Eleven workshop demonstrates contouring of the leg as it has the darkest lighting in the central area of the legs and a gradual lightening towards the edges. Indeed they are edged by bright lighting on the edges. This lighting style is the opposite to what is demonstrated in your live workshop. How did you light the advertising photo? Was there a main light source from the left side perhaps a para?

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