Live Photography Workshop – Still Life ‘Natural Decay’

In this live show, Karl takes inspiration from the historical Old Masters to create his own ‘Natural Decay’ still life photo.

This show covers the start-to-finish shoot as Karl explains his concept for the image, his props, composition, camera settings, styling, lighting and colouration.

You’ll learn how to create the ‘warm’ look associated with this style of imagery using basic colour adjustment methods before seeing the simple lighting setup used to capture the final image.

Using just a couple of lights (this setup is achievable using just two lights, though three is better), Karl explains how to control the light using flags and reflectors and how, by working methodically and taking care of the little details, you can capture a near-perfect image in-camera.

Topics covered in this show include:

  • How to set up a still life photo
  • Camera settings for still life photography
  • Composition and styling for still life photography
  • Props for still life photography
  • How to control light and shadows using flags
  • Using reflectors to create additional light

To learn more about focus stacking, the following classes may be of interest:

If you have any questions about this show please post in the comment section below.

Still life image of natural decay


  1. Karl, I am sorry I missed this live show (job rules, unfortunately).
    Your image is a masters painting. I love it.
    I am guessing KTE studio must have stunk for a while with all that rotten stuff, huh?
    Anyway, fantastic show!!!


  2. Outstanding live show.

    I loved this show as it was fascinating to see the old style painting come to life in photography.

    I aspire to shoot these type of shots, and I want to thank you for sharing simple, practical ways to build the shot up. I am working on doing your leg shot this week, but will pop some fruit and veg into a bucket to ripen for a nice Valentines Day art shot.

    2021 is off to a great Taylor start!

  3. Hi Karl,

    Absolutely fab class, l loved it.

    Question: I noticed the cloth used on the table was not ironed and folded as was the custom back during the lives of the old masters and I was wondering if this was an intentional choice and why?

    Your teaching style is excellent, you’re certainly one of the best tutors I’ve experienced yet.


    1. Hi Juliana, thank you so much and glad you enjoyed the show, no unfortunately I didn’t make an intentional choice on the table cloth.

  4. Thanks again great show loved the set up ,
    also thank you for your kindness i revived in the mail this morning ,pouches.strap,color checker
    yes i am with many years and enjoy your DVD set i got from your good self even today , i fall back on them
    i have always enjoyed what your shows has to offer from day one to today and as long that happening i will here watching .
    thanks again for your kindness .Karl
    Frank Garvan

    1. Thanks Frank, we truly appreciate your support to our platform and your enthusiasm for what we do. All the best Karl.

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