Live Photography Talk Show with Urs Recher & Karl Taylor.

Join Karl and special guest photographer Urs Recher. Urs is a consultant and photographer to broncolor lighting company but he also has another life in photography with his own personal work. With an encyclopaedic knowledge on many aspects of photography we will look at Urs’s techniques and images. Karl and Urs also debate the latest industry news and topics as well as answer your questions live.


  1. Best fourteen bucks a month I have ever spent. Better than Kelby, better than and both of those are great!
    Karl I hope you and your company makes lots of money. This is a wonderful educational resource.
    You and Urs have excellent chemistry together on screen, if you could, do more with that guy.

    1. Very kind words Doug, thank you very much. Urs features regularly in the ‘Light Source’ course in the ‘Portrait’ section.


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