Live Beauty Retouching

In this Live show we concentrate on post production techniques for beauty retouching.
Karl will run through his key post processing workflow and demonstrate colour, contrast, RAW file processing, Burn & Dodge, selective local contrast and sharpening techniques.

Besides the specific techniques we will also look at the ‘where and why’ of retouching in relation to ‘where to lead the eye’ and ‘why to lead it there’.

A full beauty retouch can take many hours so Karl will also demonstrate techniques that can speed up certain aspects of the workflow. In this two-hour Live workshop we will aim to take an un-retouched image to its final stages.

As always we will be answering your questions throughout the show and look forward to you joining us.

If you were unable to join us live you ask questions on comment below.


  1. 1 Conversion of the shot RAW file
    2 16 bit Tiff
    3 Visual Aid Layers
    4 Clean up blemishes
    5 B&D 1
    6 Fine Hues (optional)
    7 Saturation Levels (recommended)
    8 Liquefy
    9 B&D 2
    10 Overall colour “Feel”
    11 Overall contrast
    12 Local contrast
    13 Sharpening

  2. Hi Emma, Karl ist talking about the Burn & Dodge Action that we can find in the download area. Actually I could’t find it. Could you please help and send me a direct link or describe more detailed the way to the file. Thanks for your efforts.

  3. Hey Karl! Thanks for the Perfect Retouching live show 🙂 But i can’t find the B&D action in the Downloads section. Could you please upload it on the downloads category? Thanks!

    1. Hi Shawn, it’s the first one in the list in the ‘Photoshop for Photographers’ block, in the Downloads section.


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