16. Liquid fashion

The shoot in this chapter takes fashion photography and turns it into art. I won’t deny that this was one of the most difficult images I’ve ever attempted to capture from a technical point of view. But the results speak for themselves and here I’ll talk you through exactly how I achieved it so you can give it a go for yourself and achieve the same stunning and impressive results.


  1. Hello Karl – won’t the slow-duration strobe cause blur in the paint despite using the speedlights for freezing the liquid?

      1. Hi Yes that’s correct, I only captured the shot with the speedlites, I simply used the modelling light from the elinchrom studio lights to see what the light would look like, this was explained between 1min 22 and 2mins in the video. The shutter sync speed was also fast enough to not record the modelling lights.

    1. Hi Mario, the information on the paint type is in the equipment list on the lower right of the page. Cheers Karl.

  2. So as to freeze the mouvement of liquids, is it better for me to use the highest speed of 1/800 s on my hasselblad or the 1/125 on my Fuji GFX ? Ignoring the light speed I need for this kind of picture; but to mask any background lighting. It is an advantage or not ? Thanks for your help. Regards François http://www.francoiscolinet.com

    1. Hi Francois, the higher shutter speed is only useful for cutting out the ambient continuous lighting, it is the fast flash duration that freezes stuff please see the first 15 chapters on lighting theory in the portrait section.


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