01. Introduction & beauty lighting

In this chapter find out not only the plethora of fashion and beauty lighting set ups that are going to be included in this course. As well as watching as Karl shows how you can create those incredible close up beauty shots with step by step instruction on the precise lighting set up to create a truly stunning shot that showcases the models gorgeous skin and makeup perfectly.

NOTE: This photography class is available with English subtitles.

Picture 079


  1. Hello Mr Karl…Im Christopher Bessis from Greece.. I have a question.. i have canon 5ds and 5d mark iv , in studio i think best it is 5ds .. i want your opinion if you could… in the full frame which wants lens is the right for that picture, 85mm – 135mm or 200mm. and also the f/? 4 – 5.6 more? Thank you very much…

    1. Hi Derrious, I most commonly use Avenger which is now owned by Manfrotto. There are other cheaper ones out there and they usually do the trick.

  2. Sorry Karl, me AGAIN. What kind of lighting is used to get the affect of the ball lighting behind the model? I tried with the studio flash that has a modelling lamp, but no way, i was totally wrong. If you could give me the name of the type rather than brand as broncolor is 1000s of euros. THANKS KARL and happy week to you.

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