11. Indoor photography Part 2

In this chapter discover the 3 key requirements that are necessary to taking fantastic portraiture shots and what to do when the weather turns against you. Karl heads to some indoor locations and takes you through some key tips and tricks that will help you make the most of not so ideal conditions.


  1. I noticed on the photo at 2:55 you went from F1.4 , 1/160, 320 iso …. to F1.8 , 1/125, 500 iso at photo 3:13 and 3:34. Was curious what the reasons were for the adjustments when you are shooting in the same exact spot? The exposures on all 3 of those images look same to me?

    1. Hi Paul, the actual exposures would be about equivalent because the change in aperture is balanced out by the change in shutter speed or ISO accordingly. There was also shifts in the changing of the light from the outside so sometimes exposure changes are made for those reasons but most likely I wanted to get from 1.4 to 1.8 because I felt that the depth of field was too shallow for a hand held shot and may have resulted in a soft focus.


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