How to photograph black products on a black backdrop using 2 lights

Course demonstrating rim lighting techniques for cosmetic product photography.

Using broncolor Siros lights, Karl demonstrates how to use just two lights to get a beautiful rim light around a black product on a black background. Using a handful of simple accessories in conjunction with the lights, Karl and Urs clearly show the importance of each individual light, as well as reveal the key to achieving gradient lighting.

Gradient lighting adds a particular level of professionalism to any shot and is a useful technique for product photography as it helps enhance form and shape. Used on anything from cosmetics such as this, to bottles or eyewear, gradient lighting is a technique used by many professional product photographers. Simple to create, it’s an incredibly useful lighting technique.


    1. Hi, I’m not quite sure what you mean, we used a piece of black card with black velvet clipped behind the subject. It was clipped with a manfrotto clamp onto a manfrotto flex arm.

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