‘How To’ Full Version – Dior Perfume Bottles

This chapter is an uncut version of from a How-To video available on YouTube, but we believe our members should see every step of the process that went into capturing this luxurious shot of two Dior Perfume bottles. Discover just what goes into perfecting the delicate refraction through the bottles and alternate modifiers that could be used to get slightly different results.

Dior Perfume Bottle Photography


  1. Great shot and techniques as ever. It is so good to hear the supportive banter between you both. And Oh! Dulling sprays. In the ‘old’ days before any compressed air sprays existed we still needed to dull some surfaces like glass, wood and metal. We used to dab fresh window putty to the area. It worked a treat. It was a little disconcerting however for a male actor to have a ball of putty rolled over their shiny pate to achieve the same effect. It wouldn’t do in today’s world would it Karl?

    1. Hi Mark, It is a photographers/filmakers effect spray, you should find it online from studio suppliers.


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