High-end Headphones Product Shoot

In this photography workshop Karl undertakes a product shoot of a pair of headphones on a white background.

This technically challenging advertising-style shot presented a myriad of challenges, including positioning the product to find the best composition, creating a white background without introducing flare, lighting both matte and reflective surfaces, controlling shadows and balancing multiple lights.

Karl details the step-by-step process of creating this shot, explaining his creative decisions, how he plans to overcome each challenge and the lighting setup. He also shares the post production work required to reach the final image so that members can see the complete start to finish process.

In this product photography workshop we cover the following:

  • How to photograph a pair of headphones
  • Photographing products on a white background
  • How to light and photograph matte and reflective surfaces
  • How to create gradient lighting
  • Using ND and polarising gels for product photography
  • Controlling shadows

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  1. Karl, another great tutorial! The idea of using a mirror to reflect a gradient is be huge.

    I have one question which may be more of a marketing question than photography: the headphones product name were “beat” as spelled out along the head band but you can’t see the name in the final photo. I understand the ‘b’ is probably a trademark and is important but I would think most clients would want the name visible as well.

    1. Hi Bob, thank you and in many cases that would be true but only if it would enhance the image and shooting down on this product it would not. Also keep in mind that a clean advert with lots of space around the image like this would most likely have the brand name in words on the advert. Apple owns this brand so it was shot in that ‘clean’ apple style.

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