04. Forming graduated beauty lighting

Using scrims as lights instead of soft boxes is the main point of this chapter – they’re something you can build yourself and are really economical. This is quite a precise lighting set up and there is a lot of control needed but it gives a lovely and more graduated wrap around effect on your model than you would get with a soft box.

NOTE: This photography class is available with English subtitles.


  1. Hi Karl..loving all your online tutorials…instead of just showing the final image at the end it will be nice if we could see the shot immediately after you click it (untouched)… when u show the screen using video camera it doesn’t really give us a clearer idea..

    1. Hi Lal, in nearly all our videos we do this, this particular video is an older one. When you move onto the new courses such as ‘Lightsource’ you will see the screen and raw images.

    1. Hi Robert, no photoshop, the purple colour on the lenses is the reflection that you often see on camera lenses or high quality glasses. It is caused by the anti reflective multi coating that is added to lenses.

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