14. Fight the midday sun

In this photography class Karl once again demonstrates how to photograph in less than ideal conditions.

Shooting under the midday sun is one of the worst situations possible for photographing outdoor portraits but with a few simple bits of equipment and some top tips from Karl, you’ll be able to take great portraits no matter the time of day or position of the sun.

This class features a lot of useful equipment for photographing outdoors in harsh conditions and Karl clearly shows the results through clear comparison images, helping you to understand the effect and benefit of each.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Portrait Photography: How to photograph using natural light
  • Portrait photography tips
  • Natural light photography: How to photograph in midday sun
  • Useful equipment for outdoor photography
  • How to soften harsh sunlight for photography
  • How to use a polarizing filter

Note: This course is available with English subtitles


  1. A good tip for harsh sunlight.
    The scrim is a great aid but cumbersome and needs assistance. Great for a pro set up though.

  2. I cant use a polariser on the Nikon unless using centre weighted metering, which is the recommended metering for a polarising filter advice from Nikon. Else the exposure is inconsistent.
    Not sure if that’s similar recommendation on the Canon?

    1. Hi Chris, yes you can it’s just the light meter won’t work properly but the recorded photo will still be fine. You just need to work in manual mode and adjust the exposure based on what you see. As I advise in my courses the light meter is just a guide it’s not always correct anyway so just use it to get you in the ball park and then take it from their in Manual.

      1. Thanks but this is the internal camera metering – built into the camera. I never use a light meter. I only shoot RAW so I don’t get influences as built into settings under JPG.
        I tend to use the playback to analyse as much as I can, not ideal and raise any shadows in Lightroom.


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