Fashion photography on location

Fashion photography often requires elaborate sets and multiple lights, but for this image, Karl shows how it’s possible to create fantastic results using just one light at your local beach.

During the shoot, Karl worked closely with his model and team to create this dramatic fashion image, inspired by the mid-nineteenth century painting ‘Ophelia’, by British artist Sir John Everett Millais. Throughout the class you’ll see his creative process, find out what settings he used and why and what lighting setup he used to capture the final image.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to photograph fashion on location
  • Inspiration for fashion photography
  • Studio lighting for photographing on location
  • How to balance natural light and studio flash
  • How to work with a team in difficult conditions

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Inspired by Sir John Everett Millais’ painting ‘Ophelia’, I really wanted to create my own image that would capture the same sort of haunting disconnect between the subject and their surrounding.

Working in tough conditions, I knew this wouldn’t be an easy task. It required asking my model to lay in a freezing cold pool of water and holding her pose for some time until I got the final image.

Location fashion photography

Photographing fashion on location requires a dedicated team.

To make it easier, I asked one of my assistants to stand in while I tested the lighting. I knew I would be using a combination of daylight and flash, but because I really wanted to capture that beautiful twilight atmosphere, I knew I’d have to get the balance exactly right.

Fashion photography lighting on location

An assistant stood in for the model while testing the lighting.

To start, I tried using two lights, one from behind the subject and one as a subtle fill, but in the end, I decided the single light was best.

The final image required quick thinking and good teamwork, and in the end, I was very pleased with the result.

Fashion photography on location

The final fashion image.

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