20. Fashion location flash

In this photography class Karl shoots a series of fashion images against the backdrop of one of Cornwall’s historic tin mines using studio lighting.

Working on location requires a portable and versatile lighting setup. For this, Karl uses two battery powered studio lights with different modifiers to get the final shot. In this class you’ll learn how to combine natural and studio lighting while working on location and how to create a natural looking combination of lighting.

In this photography class we cover the following:

  • Lighting setups for photographing on location
  • Lighting setups for fashion photography
  • How to balance natural and studio lighting
  • Studio lights for location work

NOTE: This photography class is available with English subtitles.


    1. Hi Victoria, thank you. The exposure settings are shown on the final images in the video. I believe they are near the end of this video.

    1. Hi Latesh, the phrase ‘how would you ensure’ seems to indicate that I need to ensure? Which in fact we don’t need to ensure. Any decision about the background structure being dark or lit is purely dependent on the subject, narrative and personal choice as to what is going to make the most effective picture. Try not to hold too many ‘rules’ about how things should look, the only things that matters is will my picture make people want to look at it.

      1. Hi Karl,
        Has the WB been changed in this shot ?
        sky is very blue
        I have tried similar settings in very harsh sun but still don’t get a blue sky..
        Please advise..

        1. Hi Latesh, no I haven’t changed the colour balance. It would have been shot at 5600K because that is the colour balance of the flash, otherwise the models skin tones would look wrong . It may have had some ‘saturation’ added in Lightroom though.

  1. Simply Splendid, two questions: who’s the Model? and I’ve seen that led lights can be quite cheap but I suspect that strobes deliver better quality. I’m thinking Broncolor here Vs Rotalite. Your thoughts?

    1. Hi Enrico, the models name is Steph and she is a friend of one of the crew. I’m not a big fan of LED lights I prefer strobes for cleaner more powerful light without blinding the model while shooting.

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