15. Family & group portraiture

In this chapter learn what’s really important to consider when shooting groups. Karl takes you through a photo shoot with a family from choosing the locations to how he poses them and keeps them happy throughout the shoot.


  1. How did you aproach to the family to do a sesion in a pumpking farm? Did they choose the location?

    1. Hi Cesar, I chose the location after scouting a few potential locations and knowing the kids liked tractors.

  2. I really liked this shoot, Karl – did you do it after you did the shoot with the Lego? I wondered how much it helped that the children were already familiar with you. I did also like the shot with the pumpkins – I wondered if the family liked that? I must admit I am nervous about family shoots, probably because all my children are as camera-shy as I am (!) and so trying to get them to do any shoots is a nightmare no matter how candid I try and make it and makes me quite tense which carries over into client opportunities.

    1. Hi Susie, It’s usually better that the kids don’t know you as you have a little more authority (like a school teacher) be firm but fun and convey a sense of confidence in what you are doing. I’d find a friends family to practise on to build up your confidence and then it doesn’t matter to much if it doesn’t work out the first couple of times. As in this video it’s always good to know the location first as you don’t have any negative surprises.

  3. I’m a big fan of reflectors. A great versatile tool. When bouncing the reflector light. I noticed the positioning was not hoisted up higher and angled downward. Would that help curb the distraction of the reflection in the young girls eyes? Nice sun bounce by the way!

    1. Hi Geoff, yes it’s always better to bounce down where possible as the light will look more natural. Obviously if you don’t have an assistant then you need a stand that can be positioned or an assistant that can aim it correctly.

    1. Hi Vikram, I spent about 30mins to an hour on this one. But first I checked the location as demonstrated in an earlier video to take note of the light and the potential that a location has to offer.


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