Environmental Portraits: Carpenter

Environmental portraits are a highly sought after, yet challenging genre of photography that require you, the photographer, to think on your feet. Often, you don’t really know who you’ll be photographing, what the location looks like or what the lighting will be, and you have to overcome each of these challenges as you encounter them.

In this series of videos Karl teaches you how to deal with these difficult situations, showing you a number of scenarios where he has to overcome different challenges. These classes will equip you with the knowledge to overcome a multitude of difficulties so that you can shoot with confidence and deliver high-quality images that your clients will be happy with.

In this class Karl photographs a carpenter at a woodworking yard. During the shoot, Karl was faced with finding a suitable location for the shot, overcoming the challenge of photographing in a small, dusty space and working to balance a mixture of flash and natural light.

NOTE: These classes are scheduled for release over the next few months.

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