E-Commerce Photography in 5 Simple Steps

In this video, I explain 5 key steps you should consider for eCommerce photography, whether you are a professional photographer working for a client or an online retailer looking to photograph your products in your own small eCommerce studio.

Shooting product and still life images is important for many businesses – there are many small online stores, Amazon resellers, Etsy shops or eBay stores all needing to display their products in the most favorable light.

The techniques for achieving reproducible results are fairly straightforward and allow you to photograph batches of many similar sized products under the same conditions over and over again.


  1. Is there a video from the series e-commerce photography, where you actually shoot photos? I’d like to see how you position lights for a pure white background, camera angles, camera settings and so on..I have seen this same video on YouTube, I was hoping to find some more information on the paid website.

    Please let me know.


    1. Hi Niccolo, please head to our product photography section in the top menu and then view the thumbnails and you will find several classes related to packshots or white background photography. You might also like to checkout some of our previous live shows.

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