25. Dynamic car shoot

In this chapter Karl shows you all you need to prepare and execute a dynamic shot of a model driving a car in motion. With tips on how to mount your camera to the car and how to light the image to remotely capturing and actually executing the photo, this chapter is full of handy knowledge that will allow you to capture an interesting shot like this, perfect for an advertising campaign or just to shoot for fun!


  1. wow..thats brilliant result…is the outside trails been stacked…wish i had seen this few days back as i had a similar shoot i was struggling to light it..Thanks karl..looking forward to more tutorials…

  2. If you had Canon 5d mark iv it would make your life much easer by using WiFi.

    What about using the flash on TTL do you believe on it?

    1. Hi Ibrahim. In the end of this program here 17. Photography technique review you will find your answer:) Karl says that you’d better use manual mode and forget about any TTL.
      Hope that helps)

  3. Karl thanks for sharing your thought process and approach towards making interesting pictures….this was an amazing tutorial as always

    Just couple of questions here….

    1. The lens used by you was an ultra-wide i.e. 14-24mm/f2.8?
    2. How did you account for the camera shakes attributed to the suction mount?


    1. Hi Suunil, the road was pretty smooth and with a wide angle the movement is less noticeable. Also it was flash used inside the car which ‘freezes’ that part of the picture sharp.

  4. Hi Karl,

    How did you manage to avoid getting a “shaky” picture? Is 4 seconds enough? Did you use a lens with vibration control or something?



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