Conversations With Urs Recher – Photographing People vs Products

Lighting wizard Urs Recher joined Karl for this live conversation to discuss the techniques and approaches for photographing people vs products. Urs outlined the challenges for each and how to overcome these and also why each is so rewarding in their own way. Together, the pair also reviewed a number of Urs’ images along with some behind the scenes shots as Urs explained the lighting setup for each. From dancers to drinks, Urs shared his concepts, thought processes and approaches to photographing a range of subjects.

Topics covered in this show include:

  • Photographing people vs products
  • Lighting setups for photographing people
  • Product photography lighting setups
  • Ideas and inspiration for photographers
  • Bringing ideas to life
  • Product photography tips

Urs also joined Karl for a previous live show, which you can watch in full here.

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  1. This is a fabulous interview. What was the black paint on the model I could only hear the word paste.
    I have to say I have really learnt a lot from KTE I love the attention to detail which is displayed and explained. for once some who teaches getting it right in camera .
    With regards to the flour shot a group of us once did something similar years ago with baby power not sure if that’s still recommended but it had a desired effect. Though I agree everything after was a total mess which took ages to clean up.

    1. Thanks Nigel, I’ll check with Urs and come back to you here if I can get an answer on the body paint.

  2. Urs, you should never use flour for tese kind of shoots! Flour is very bad for health of the dancer and the photographer when you inhale it and flour dust ignites (explodes) very easily. Magnesium carbonite is the way to go. It is the stuff that gymnast and mountain climbers use. It is completely safe to inhale and has a very high ignition value so it does’t explode easily. As an additional advantage it has very high reflective characteristic and comes in cubes that you can break up so you have many different particle sizes which is also an advantage when you throw the stuff.

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