Conversations With Tom Oldham – Portrait Q&A

Award-winning celebrity and portrait photographer Tom Oldham once again joined Karl live for an informative and entertaining conversation. Tom and Karl share their five all-time favourite portrait images and exploring what it is that makes them so successful and memorable. From pioneers such as Richard Avedon to rising stars like Campbell Addy, the pair discuss what it is about each of the images that makes them so memorable. Tom also shared some insight into his own work and discussed recent projects and awards too.

You can find many of the images discussed at the links below:

You can also see more of Tom’s own work on his website.

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  1. Hey Karl!

    This was a very enjoyable show to watch and quite informative. I also love that you and Tom introduced some amazingly talented photographers I was unaware of.

    I’m new to your training and must say have found it highly rewarding.

    Cheers to you and your hard working staff,


    1. Thanks Matt, Laura Stevens whose work I greatly admire is going to be a guest on the show in the studio when we are out of lockdown and travel is easier.

  2. well done Karl a great show great straight talking for Tom love it
    and your self Thanks again

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