Clinique shoot post production 4: Creating a white background & refining water splash

In the next part of the Clinique retouching process, Karl looks at adding additional splash elements and creating a pure white background for the image.

After adding the main splash shot, Karl works on a creating a clean white background for the image. He demonstrates a quick and effective technique for this using a combination of selection tools, the paint bucket tool and the highlight dodge tool. He then makes further adjustments to the splash part of the shot, looking to introduce further splashes and drops on the bottles and base surface.

Class objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to create a white background in Photoshop
  • Show how the highlight dodge tool can be used to create a white background
  • Demonstrate how to add further splash elements to the shot
  • Show how to include water drops on the base surface

Clinique product splash shot

The additional splash shots and water drops.

To see how this image was shot, watch the Clinique Style Advertising Shoot classes.

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