Clinique shoot post production 3: Adding water splash

In this class, which forms part of the post production process for the Clinique style advertising image, Karl explains his thought process for the splash element of the image and demonstrates how he combines it with his group shot.

One of the challenges Karl has to overcome in this part of the retouching process is achieving the right tone and colour of the water splash. Shot against a white background, the original water splash is quite low contrast so Karl uses a combination of highlight recovery, levels adjustments and hue/saturation adjustments. You’ll see each stage as he reveals the water splash, increases the tonal definition and adds a sense of freshness by adjusting the saturation levels.

Class objectives:

  • Outline considerations when combining a splash shot with a product image
  • Demonstrate how to combine splash shot with product group shot
  • Show how to use masks to reveal parts of the splash shot
  • Demonstrate how to use levels to increase contrast in water
  • Demonstrate how to use saturation adjustments to correct colour and add freshness

Clinique product photo example

The Clinique products before adding the water splash.

Photoshop masks

Using masks to add the water splash shots.

Clinique product splash image

The splash shot with increased contrast and colour correction.

To see how this image was shot, watch the Clinique Style Advertising Shoot classes.

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