10. Clean Cut Fashion Shoot

For this fashion photography class Karl works with model Kariss Craig, fashion stylist Bianca Swan and makeup artist and hair stylist Shanine Levrier to create this clean-cut yet edgy series of fashion images. Working from the ground up, Karl works closely with the entire team to create this set.

Working against the clock, he emulates what a typical fashion shoot would be like, working with stylists and models, photographing a range of different outfits and adapting lighting setups accordingly. He shows you how he builds his basic lighting setup, modifies them for different outfits and adapts for various poses.

Kariss Fashion Shoot Clean Cut Images

In this fashion photography class we cover the following:

  • Working with stylists and models
  • Creative lighting setups for fashion photography
  • Giving creative direction
  • Posing your model
  • Lighting setup explanations
  • Lighting modifiers for fashion photography

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments box below.


  1. Nice work. Essentially the same lighting setup as the last one you used in the live show Beauty Lighting Techniques last December. This time you added the Flooter for the background and I noticed is has what looks like a 1/2 CTO gel on it. You don’t mention it and it’s not listed in the equipment list.

    Since you’re not achieving a clean white on the background why the warming gel ?

    1. Hi Kirk, yes sorry you are absolutely right there was a slight warming gel on the flooter, I think it may have been a quarter CT and I only had it covering part of the flooter so it was further weakened by that too. My rational for the gel was to add a tiny amount of extra juxtaposition of the model from the background, as we would have had neutral or white subject on white/grey background and blue subject on white/grey background in this series of shots. The slight warmth behind helps pop the subject from the background. I’m pretty sure I did the same on this shot too, to simulate a slight sunlight feel running down the back wall https://karltaylor.com/overview/5j4cc1ygzsmjqhqm3llv98cmbgpi6q I have to say that sometimes I just do these things instinctively in that I’ll look at the test shot and think ‘hey that looks a bit cold so let’s do something about it’ In other instances such as this shot https://karltaylor.com/people/wmzzjaydhmwvixpn4aokr4he3ck74v and this shot https://karltaylor.com/people/8cjo7pyur5bi2nidx7oei3xoimm94e I will bring a blue gel in to create more three dimensionality on the face so that the warm tone of the skin is juxtaposed against the blue glow.

  2. Thanks for the reply Karl. That technique makes complete sense and I can imagine it is more noticeable looking at the images on a calibrated monitor or in print. Viewing your images in a web browser minimizes it.

  3. Hi Karl, great work as always.
    I’m wondering about one thing, on the chritic on my pitures, the comment was “if it’s bendable bend it”
    In this and author videos, i se straight arm on almost every pitures…?

    Regard Trond the Norwegian boy:-)

    1. Hi Trond, yes and I still stand by that phrase it is accurate and applies to 90% of cases. But each shoot has it’s own characteristics and style, in these particular images the clothes/fashion is very clean cut and regimental so the poses for the final chosen shots reflect that style as it is pertinent to the clothes. In much of my other work that is not the case, in the critique of your picture it is what I felt that particular image needed. Cheers Karl.

      1. Thanks for the answer, I have been using the phrase my self after the feedback.
        And my pictures looks more pleasing now..


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