Camera bags and straps

In this video Karl talks about camera straps, camera bags & camera cases as he shows you the type of camera straps he uses and the features that are important to consider when using cameras on a daily basis. He then looks at a selection of camera bags and the features and benefits these different kit bags offer. Finally he discusses some of the important features to consider when choosing photography travel cases for your camera, lenses and other photography kit.


  1. Good plenty of info pity you cannot give the product names the strap for instance I remember in one of your videos you did mention a strap I think
    It was called the N-25 Tamarac ? But the videos are quick and to the point
    Cheers w.g

    1. Hi William yes it was a Tamrac but I believe they have changed the models since then but as long as it is a good 5mmm neoprene with clips i’m sure it will do the job.


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