18. Black on black motorcycle boot

Why did I choose this product to photograph? Well, it’s all about the texture, lighting, shape and form. You can make virtually anything look cool if you shoot it in the right way. This Motorbike shoot was nailed in just a few hours and is a simple lighting technique that can be easily recreated once you learn how you can precisely light each area of the boot.


  1. Hi Karl,

    Ca I ask why you use 50 iso … is there a particular reason or is that just your default ?

    1. Hi John, 50iso is the default on the CCD sensor on the Hasselblad. On the new Hasselblad CMOS sensors the default is 100.

  2. Hi Karl,
    Any particular reason for the shutter speed? Seems to me a little high, but I bet you had your reasons. In my particular case 1/200 and even below kills every unwanted light in the studio.


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