Beauty Lighting Techniques with Karl Taylor

Beauty images traditionally make use of hard lighting, but it can be tricky controlling shadows, textures and contrast to ensure minimal imperfections in the image.

In just two hours Karl covers all you need to know about beauty lighting — from makeup requirements to lighting angles and post production requirements — and shows you how to achieve a great beauty portrait using just three lights.

He clearly explains what modifiers are best to use, how to use them, how to reveal texture (and how much to reveal) and how directional light can have a great impact.

He also demonstrates a number of alternative lighting settings, explaining how just minor adjustments in lighting can make a difference and why it’s important to understand the inverse square law in order to achieve the best possible results.

This is an information packed show that will change the way you understand both beauty images and hard light.

In this live photography workshop we cover the following:

More in-depth information on many of the topics covered in this live show can be found in our Portrait section. There is also a useful guide to parabolic reflectors and their effects in our blog.

If you have any question about this photography workshop, post them in the comments box below.


  1. hello karl i want to know as we know that the different light modifiers make different effect on the skin, but here i confused with bare bulb and the inside fash tube fire from the light make same highlights on the skin? Because the shape of bare bulb is different and the flash tube is different shape, as if we shoot on modelling lamp or strobe flash is make same highlight effect ?

  2. thank you for so much detail, i enjoy the show. hope you and your family also your team have a great amas & new year .looking forward to next live show

  3. This live show really helped me understand which lights and modifiers are better suited for different situations and more importantly… why those choices. Thank you Karl and team! 👍

      1. I usually have my meter on the table next to me when I’m watching you climb around changing your power settings. If you say something rather nasty about meters, mine will turn itself on – display the letters “Karl Taylor” and start flashing E R R O R. After about 4 seconds it shuts itself off. Odd behavior from such a usually nice meter. 🙂


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