Beauty Lighting Techniques with Karl Taylor

Working with a model, Karl will undertake a live beauty shoot with tips on preparation and lighting to reveal a superb final image. With tips also from our professional make up artist and an insight on lighting solutions that complement post production this will be a packed live show. Beauty lighting will often utilise a harder lighting formula than traditional portraiture and as such careful consideration needs to be given to the direction of light to minimize texture and imperfections.
The clarity of hard lighting adds a real punch and dynamic quality for beauty shots but post-production work becomes a necessity. Karl will demonstrate the considerations of lighting and poses to ensure that the post-production is both manageable and successful.

A significant part of the process is the makeup work and we will have a professional make-up artist on hand to apply the finishing touches and explain the requirements of makeup for this type of photography. Time allowing we may undertake a section of the skin retouching as part of this show, otherwise this will be concluded in January’s live beauty retouching episode.

Choice of lens, depth of field and backgrounds are also a key consideration as unlike portraiture these type of beauty shots are generally captured at f16. Join Karl, the model and the makeup artist for this informative live session and ask questions as we work along with our interactive Q&A.


  1. hello karl i want to know as we know that the different light modifiers make different effect on the skin, but here i confused with bare bulb and the inside fash tube fire from the light make same highlights on the skin? Because the shape of bare bulb is different and the flash tube is different shape, as if we shoot on modelling lamp or strobe flash is make same highlight effect ?

  2. thank you for so much detail, i enjoy the show. hope you and your family also your team have a great amas & new year .looking forward to next live show

  3. This live show really helped me understand which lights and modifiers are better suited for different situations and more importantly… why those choices. Thank you Karl and team! 👍


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