1. Hey Karl,
    Thank you for this video! Can you share your light comparison spread from this session as a file?


  2. Hello !
    Following my previous questions on para this is a very nice video.

    Using it at the main light, In what case do you prefer the 88 one and in what case the 133 ?

    1. Hi Guillaume, to be honest I always prefer the 133 as it is a more flattering light for beauty and portrait work but it can also be used as a harder light if necessary. The 88’s are harder because they are smaller but the 88’s can be convenient when on location as they are more easily transportable. You will see me using the 88’s regularly in ‘Fashionscape’ in the fashion section.

  3. Hi Karl,

    Great video!

    Regarding the first series of test, what was the height of the light stand/modifier and why did you choose that height?


    1. Just above the models head height and pointing at a 45 degree angle down at the model. You need to be able to shoot at eye level or slightly above and not have the light hit you on the head.


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