11. Raspberry dessert

This light and airy raspberry dessert will look irresistible and the techniques learnt can be transferred to many other types of dessert photography.


  1. Great video. Two different styles, two great results.
    Thanks for sharing.

    (All we need now is an ‘twelfth’ light just to fill this little area…haha 😉

  2. Hi Karl. May I ask you how much Anya ask for her work? For istante, for a food photo for a magazine… How much should I make me pay?

    1. Hi Micaela, as I mentioned in my previous answer this varies greatly you need to check our business course for more answers on how to price your work.

  3. Hi Karl, Can I ask where you get your scrim paper rolls from? It’s one this I just can’t seem to find anywhere.

  4. Love this…….. Details ! Plus you have patience like me, I can see it. Great Video.
    Thank you


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