09. Rustic Beef

A solid, hearty and rustic feel is what is needed in the styling and lighting. Follow Anya and Karl in this fascinating tutorial from start to finish. While Anya creates a beautiful and suitable scene Karl sets about creating a unique ‘dappled’ lighting look to further enhance the country rustic atmosphere of the shot.


    1. Hi Mohammed, no this light was turned off. I decided to only go with the lights that i described in the video which were the ‘sunlight’ effect, the lights on the wine glasses and the big softbox.

  1. Hi Karl. I love the way you bring your unique lighting techniques to food photography. People can be a bit stayed in their use of lighting. Not you. I think your painting with light concepts are what makes you the great tog that you are. Of course Anna too for her incredible food styling.

  2. Hi Karl,

    Do you supply the retouching part of this tuttorial because the before na d after are huge different ?

    1. Hi Hung, I’m not sure what you mean? There is almost no difference between the final shot we captured and the final shot? Where do you see a difference. I know that my only retouching on this was contrast and colour adjustments?

  3. It is an amazing image, and I’ve learnt a lot thank you. Please can I ask why, when you got the shadows as you want them why didn’t you clamp the foam board into place? Also, is there any way we can be notified about replies to comments please? As they do with Facebook and YouTube.

    1. Hi Mark, I thought by default the author is notified of replies but I’ll check with the web team. In answer to your other question I often find with this type of photography that ‘happy accidents’ can occur by being more flexible and seeing what happens, when we play with light and shadows which are meant to be more ‘organic’ in nature then I just like to see ‘what else’ might happen.

  4. Could you show a photo of the black polyboard with holes? I want to re-create something similar. Thanks


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