08. Feta Cheese

A lighter and brighter look will be achieved with the styling and photography in this wonderful module.


  1. I love this video! Thank you Karl to let me know all your lighting tricks. I am learning so much. Anya, thank you too. This is the best course I have ever attended.

    1. Thank you Micaela for your kind words, of course it is great for us to get such feedback. Please tell your friends so we can grow our community and bring you even more! 🙂

  2. Hi Karl. Could I know how much I should be charged with a photo like this? For example, if I did it for a magazine …

    1. Hi Micaela, that’s a very open question as it depends largely on which magazine etc etc. Visit our business course and the section on pricing. Most commercial photographers work on a day rate or half day rate for producing images for clients so that course will give you the price range. If you are looking to only license the image once to them and then keep it then that is very different and you need to look at stock libraries like getty, Istock etc to get an idea of what they are charging for licensed images.

  3. Really enjoying this series Anya and Karl. The Para really does give that extra natural sparkle. I would be curious to see what the focus 130 umbrella would look like fully de focused, being as it is a more economical modifier.

  4. Hi Karl! Great tutorial! The only two things I can’t understand- the feta cheese is slightly out of focus -was it made intentionally? And also – how to decide right dof? Is it just your own feeling or are there any stict rules (like -your central object should be in focus, or just part of it)? To tell the truth I don’t like when main subject is out of focus or only small portion of it in focus-for me it looks like a mistake. But I think you should know the rules better then me since product photography is you main directioin, so how it should be?


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