07. Cup of Tea

In this elegant and stylised image. Karl uses his lighting skills to add an enchanting aspect to Anya’s careful styling of props and product. In this module you will discover the key lighting techniques that use some surprisingly simple tools to create such a high end image. You will also learn how Anya applies careful attention to detail for this stunning result.


  1. This was amazing as always <3. Thank you for everything and for all the inspiration and great work.

    You have a great sense of humor BTW 😀

  2. Hi Karl,

    Are you going to provide us with post production for this class… I would like to see how removed to tape on the cup…that would be great

    1. Hi Amit, if you are using a FF 35mm camera than generally between 50mm and 85mm and also the 100mm macro lens. In medium format my preferred choices are 80mm, 100mm.

    2. also Amit you can find the equipment lists for each shoot underneath the video on the right, hope this helps 🙂

  3. Hi Karl,

    What’s the material for the pink tabletop ? It looks pvc for me but pvc is usually glossy or semi glossy.

    1. its just MDF board painted with matt paint, Karl uses that for most backgrounds and surfaces now as it gives the smoothest look compared to paper rolls etc that wrinkle


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