01. Key skills for food photography and styling

In this chapter we focus specifically on the necessary details for effective food styling and the preparation of the shot. Great styling is often more important than the lighting or photography and Anya will show us her key techniques and tips.


  1. August is almost over!!! Can you update the availability dates for the food photography videos please?

  2. Thanks for responding to my question. I’m so eager to see these videos I can almost “taste” it.

    1. Hi Christopher the first food videos are now up, there is another coming on Tuesday and then more in September 🙂

  3. This is great, I am excited to watch all the videos, Karl. I have a small tip too: the besf place of getting rustic, retro, old looking props for food photos in UK are the car boot sales! They are loaded and cheap to buy! That’s where I always getting my stuff from. Cheers, Viktor

  4. Karl – Excellent series of tutorials – Your unsurpassed virtuosity with the lighting and Anya’s excellent food preparation and styling skills together with her obvious understanding of the photographic process made an excellent combination. A really enjoyable and educational series. If, however I am permitted to offer you one piece of advice in respect of your own culinary skills it would be to keep your day job.

  5. This series was great, although I doubt I’ll attempt to add food photography to my professional repertoire much of this can be applied to all forms of photography. I may even have a go at it just for fun.

  6. Hi Karl,

    You guys briefly mentioned stock photography. I was wondering if there was a section on the site with a bit more info on that. Not just the photography aspect but also a bit of the process involved submitting work.
    Do you recommend certain websites for that?

    1. Hi Jacques, Stock photography sites are pretty straightforward, all of the information on the terms and submission of images can be found on the stock websites. The biggest player is Getty Images and they own many of the smaller players too. You have two choices really; Rights Managed images or Royalty Free Images (such as Istock). One you get paid more for an image but far less often and the other you get paid less but far more often. Colleagues of mine who have work in stock libraries said in has become very competitive and not what it used to be but then other photographers I know still make great money from some key images.


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