The Business of Photography

Your step-by-step blueprint to successfully running your photography business.

Are you a keen photographer looking to make some extra money from your skills? Maybe you like the idea of becoming the boss of your own photography business? If this sounds like your perfect plan then this is definitely the course for you. Karl explains what it takes to become a successful pro photographer as he explains his journey over the last 20 years whilst giving you top tips and advice to help you with your own photography journey. This course also includes how much to charge, what areas of photography earn you the most money as well as understanding the commercial project workflow as well as how to run and grow your business.

Business Downloads

The key documents you need to run a successful photography business.

  • Model Release Forms

    Don’t get caught out by not having the right paper work and contracts when working with models or people in your photographs. These contracts are essential on commercial projects and ensure that everyone knows their remuneration and obligations. Right click and save to download

  • Copyright Terms & Conditions

    Ensure that you protect your copyright with clients so that your images can earn you revenue time and time again in the future. This contract document ensures your ability to control your work. Right click and save to download

  • Cash Flow Forecasts & Business Expenses

    An essential tool for monitoring your businesses profitability and knowing your monthly revenue targets. This customisable spread sheet will give you a clear picture of how you are doing and how much you need to invoice each month to ensure your business is a success. Right click and save to download

  • Project Workflow Form

    Make sure you fully understand your clients’ needs through every step of the project. This handy document makes sure you deliver the best possible service to your clients by analysing the requirements of each stage of the project process and therefore focusing you on understanding the ‘bigger picture’. Right click and save to download

  • Pricing Calculator

    Are you unsure what to charge? Would you like to know what Karl invoices commercial clients? With this bonus document Karl reveals not only his pricing structure but also the common rates for photographers shooting weddings, portraits, events, commercial and many more. Make sure you are pricing your work correctly with this useful guide. Right click and save to download

  • Usage Fee Calculator

    Work out exact pricing for your stock images publication or for usage fees on clients’ work. This often confusing area of business is simplified with our easy to use calculator. This document will help you price your commisioned images and the continued usage accurately and easily. Right click and save to download

  • Usage Fees & Licencing Info

    All the information that you need to know about Usage Fees and Licensing when approached with a commission. Right click and save to download

  • Marketing Plan

    Hit your target markets by following the key points in this document and ensure you stick to your marketing plan by having this information at your finger tips. Right click and save to download

  • Estimate Calculator

    Use this handy reference to help you price each project and ensure that you provide your clients with an accurate quotation as possible. Right click and save to download

  • Job Sheets

    This essential document helps you keep track of each project and each client so that when it comes to billing it’s a breeze. All of your hours, your extras and anything associated with a photo-shoot can be detailed here ready for billing. Right click and save to download

  • Invoice Example

    The layout and content of an invoice to a client might sound straightforward but you can help avoid complication and confusion with my method of billing. This will help you get paid more easily and ensure that your customers are aware of all the expenses and hours spent on a project. Right click and save to download

“My Photography has now picked up. I have my own studio now and just keep on learning from you.”Alastair Currill, Professional Photographer

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