Behind the Scenes: Food Photography – VLOG EP#019

Food Photography: Karl Taylor with special guest Anya successfully demonstrate a food photography LIVE on Karl’s latest online photography workshop! Members can watch the full 2hr food photography workshop here >>

In this latest Karl Taylor photography VLOG we show you the mess photographing food had at our photography studio. PLUS: Watch the behind the scenes of our most recent LIVE photography workshop!

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“I missed the live feed but watched it after….and I am absolutely amazed at how informative it was and how much I learned from you …now going through all my pics and realizing… Wow … you’ve taught sooo much in just a few days… I am sooo happy and sooo inspired to be better… Thank You !!!! I am so happy that I joined!” Bridget, KTE Member

“I only joined today and I’ve already had more value than my subscription. Brilliant format, Karl is one of the best on YouTube but this raises the bar by several levels.”M. Harris, KTE Member

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