Travel & Landscape Photography

Come back home from your adventures with photos that you’re proud to hang on your wall.

We all love to take pictures when we travel. By following the tips in this course, you’ll come back with fantastic images you will be proud to display and share. Also in this course, Karl teams up with professional landscape photographer Nick Després to teach you simple and repeatable techniques to help take whatever types of landscapes you shoot from mundane to magical.

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    Neutral density filters

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    Finding the perfect locations

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    Knowing the right light

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    Polarizing filters

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    Long exposures

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    Exploring shooting styles

Advanced DSLR Photography Part 1

Expand your photography knowledge with more advanced techniques and ideas.

This course takes the knowledge in Essentials to the next level. You’ll learn more intricate technical processes, such as light painting and light trails, as well as how to get perfect fast-paced action shots and how to remotely capture wildlife in their natural environments. On top of that, Karl demonstrates using flash and natural light on location and gives you terrific tips for doing macro photography virtually anywhere.

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    Shooting with models

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    Using telephoto and wide angle lenses

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    Flash in the day

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    Panning to capture motion

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    Essential pro equipment

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    Nightscapes & light trails

Advanced DSLR Photography Part 2

Even more advanced techniques can be found in this course to take your photography to the next level.

This course explores more advanced and technical ideas, but don’t worry! Karl explains through all of them in detail, from how to capture and merge HDR and Panoramic Images to perfecting photographing the motion of water and capturing the beauty of the night sky. This course also concludes with a photography technique review where Karl goes through and summaries the key details in the final images taken throughout the course.

DSLR Movie Making

Follow Karl and his team on this adventure into the world of film making.

Go behind the scenes on the making of their award winning short film “No Regrets”. Have a look at some of the techniques used and the thought process behind them as well as looking at the accessories, post-production, time-lapse as well as many other elements of film making that were needed to complete this project . Not only does this course prepare you for things you need to consider before the shoot even takes place, it also shows you the settings you want to be using, why and what effect they will have on your footage helping to inspire you and give you guidance for any future film making. This course was produced by Karl and the team some time ago however much of the content is still highly relevant and covers the Key aspects of storytelling.

Advanced Extras

Some more advanced level training collated for your convenience.

Here we have collated all of our advanced level extra videos. These videos are not courses, they are simply short informative videos that we have created. Many of them can be found freely available on our YouTube Channel however we have catalogued them here without advertising and offering easy access for our members’ convenience.

“I am confident that what I have learned has valuable and repeatable real world applications that will benefit my business and expand my client-base. This is definitely a fun and valuable way to fast-track your vocational goals and aspirations.”Brian White, UK Photographer